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That same spirit is evident in her streetwear-inspired output with Adidas, an orange-accented activewear line featuring high-performance workout bras, leggings, shorts, and outerwear. The collection utilizes recyclable material and AEROREADY fabric technology to create a sustainable, but sporty experience for consumers. “This collection we wanted to create was really a culmination of so many things that I love,” Kloss explains. “Empowering young women to take part in sports, but also the fashion aspect of it—creating pieces that are functional and fashionable and the best-in-class performance gear.”

Dissertation defended shirt

But after a few virtual adjustments, it becomes clear that not even a weak WiFi connection will be tampering Kloss’s excitement. She’s here to introduce her new collection with Adidas, a spring/summer 2021 athleisure line designed alongside Adidas Design VP Jo Aberg. “It’s a dream come true to be creating and launching this collection with Adidas. Long before my day job being a model, I really have always identified as an athlete,” Kloss recalls. “Growing up, I played every sport in the book. I loved the role that sports had and continue to have in my life. It’s such a core part of how I connect to my body and my mind and how I feel my best.”

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“I don’t think I’ve ever done a refined thing in my life,” says Jameela Jamil. This is cool but also tricky, because she’s an ambassador for H&M Studio’s Refined Rebel collection, which is out now and jammed—much like Jameela—with bright and bold ideas. “Can I respectfully pass on being refined?” She laughs. Sure, but thankfully, she didn’t pass up the rest of these questions, because dinosaurs, Kardashians, and video stores are always fun to talk about. Let’s do this!

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